Financial Planning And Advising Positions In The Internet Age

By | 05/08/2019

In the last twenty years, the face of financial advising and planning in the United Kingdom and Europe has changed greatly. Only a generation ago, financial planners were often left to their own devices to come up with goods and services that would help their clients. As well, the means of communication only two decades ago was much slower than it is today. Fax machines and telephones were favored technologies for financial planning, requiring some time to reach clients and financial professionals.

However, banks and financial planning firms similarly have turned away from traditional technologies like fax machines and telephones. Financial planners and advisors are now expected to use new computers, cell phones, and PDAs to get their work done. In this way, financial professionals need to have two distinct sets of skills. Advisors and planners need to have the traditional knowledge of financial markets and services, while also possessing knowledge of how to use modern technologies. In this way, the job has gotten easier for financial planners in terms of their job responsibilities while it has gotten more harried with the high speed of financial transactions and communications.

Financial professionals looking to break into planning and consulting positions in the United Kingdom and Europe can use a variety of resources. Employment sites are a great way for more experienced professionals to find job leads and make connections with an local bank or national financial firm. Graduates and young professionals can use their university as a resource, as many British and European universities are creating job centers and web sites for alumni. Finally, banking professionals should use to the fullest extent their connections through former employers and colleagues to find job leads.

However, the best resources for financial and banking professionals looking for a new job are recruiting agencies. These agencies specialize in providing a full range of services to potential professionals, doing all of the promotional work and organization necessary to find their recruits the job of their dreams. From application to placement, recruiting agencies of all sizes provide feedback to their recruitments as the process goes along. Agencies are beginning to provide more advanced options for their recruits, including text message job updates and web surveys meant to provide feedback to recruiters. The best approach to finding a new financial position is a combination of recruiting agencies, the utilization of personal connections, and general job sites can turn the hard work of a job search into the sweet rewards of a career.

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